People sense a premonition inside and a longing for their origin. Human beings live connected to earth, embedded in primary emotions and physically vulnerable. How ever grand might be the human development and scientific achievements, these feelings stay the same over thousands of years. Today, we try to explore and x-ray man using our acquired human knowledge. The more we know about human beings, the more we are able to manipulate them. The question remains: how far can we manipulate ourselves and how will the human race develop by doing so? Will we achieve the superb metamorphosis? Is it possible to alienate human beings from their archetype? This would mean to influence our primary emotions and to distance our selves from being human. But life is not set by dictation but presents a network, in which we live and which provides us with room to play. The room to move in this network is far more ample compared to the situation where we become objects of scientific technology. The dignity of human beings would be violated. We should cultivate the perception “nature”, lest we might lose our selves. Therefore, I think that people will continue to seek energy in their primary emotions and they will also want to keep them. As long as our thoughts move around this “centre human being”, we will keep in touch with nature and with our selves. Because the world as we see it bases itself on our perceptions and because it is a construct of our thoughts and senses, we will always remain within the fabric of the old and of the archetypes. The manipulation of the body takes as its only goal to make people more perfect and less vulnerable – let’s say: immortal. This wish mirrors once again the primary longing for paradise and the dissolution of time. Nobody nowadays would choose the other way, namely, to live for a shorter time but more intensely. Man always wanted to conquer the limitations of death, be it with the help of medicine or religion. But our souls have a different life. They return to their origin, and while this imaginary landscape of the soul remains unexplainable to our scientific knowledge, we can only guess for it. It is not solely our knowledge but also this vulnerable premonition that makes us human.